Aquatic Life on Pea Creek Trail June

Pea Creek Landscape2

Yesterday was a beautiful day on Pea Creek Trail at Eno River State Park. The sun was shining and the frogs and toads were hopping. The fishes and turtles was active in  the river. Plus the hawks was circling the river looking for an afternoon snack. It was a nice break from the busy of every day life. I was out of service range for my phone so it was a much needing break from drama and other such problems that our society put on me. Well, I am not type to talk about my problems. I just write about how I go out and take a break from them. That part of me will always be a mystery for others reading my blog. Just like the mystery of the bubbles coming from the river.  I have no idea what animal or if it is gasification (microorganism decomposing bio material into methane and carbon dioxide and other gases) causing the bubbles.

Hiking on the Pea Creek Trail was a lot better than hiking on the Buckquarter trail.  There was very little amount of people on  the Pea Creek Trail. I was able to see a lot more wildlife on the trail.  Also, it was a lot more peace.


Daily hiking at Eno River Cole Mill Trail

Lately, I have been hiking daily on the Eno River State Park Cole Mill Trail. It have been helping me to relax and release some stress. I enjoyed the exercise.  Plus this time of year, the black berries are just starting to ripe. Soon I will be able to see all kind of wildlife out in the open to munch on black berries.  Lots of different types of birds and small animals enjoy black berries.



That is not the only thing to look forward to,  the turtles are basing in the sun and they are out in large numbers (and large turtles). Sometime you can see the fish from the surface of the water. You just need to know what to look for and where.  Also, every season there are some nice flowers to look forward to.


blue Flower


Hiking has been a very good thing for me.  It make me feel at peace and I have more confidence in my self. It also give me inspiration to creative beautiful artwork.  I am working on a new piece from when I went on my camping trip at Croatan National Forest.