Laurel Bluffs trail


It have been raining a lot in the past week. The trails are muddle and some areas on the trails are flooding. However, I can’t wait for them to dry out because being stuck inside sucks.  So last week I went hiking on Laurel Bluffs trail at Eno River State Park. Laurel Bluffs trail is very large , so I went on the part between the pump station and Guest Road. That part of the trail is 2.5 mile.  The river was to it maximum capability. Many of the wildlife was not around the area. However, I did see a hummingbird.  It was so fast, I only saw it once. It was fun hiking on trails that are muddling and flooding because it was a challenge to keep my shoes from getting wet and full of mud. Just another thing that keep me on my toes.

Like I say on my last post, I am learning more about mushroom.  I saw more cool looking mushroom on this hike as well as my last one.

I think the red one maybe Hygrocybe miniata. I am not sure. Well, it is hard to identify them. I am starting to thing it maybe more fun to take pictures of them and enjoy the different colors of them.  Plus they look better when there is a collection of them together. On my next post, I will have some better pictures of them.  A friend of mine told me of the macro setting on my camera that I did not know about.  Yeah, so I am still learning how to use my camera.  Well, not everyone can be good at everything at first. Hey, it is fun learning these things and it is a good laugh at the same time.

Another thing I have learned in the past week  is that I can drive up to deer and take their picture without any problem because my car does not make a sound. I have a Prius with is kind of nice in the fact it take less gas than most other cars. It is nice that the deer does not run off as soon as they see me because I am so quiet. What a day, that just made my day to see deer.  Deer are so cute.

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Aquatic Life on Pea Creek Trail June

Pea Creek Landscape2

Yesterday was a beautiful day on Pea Creek Trail at Eno River State Park. The sun was shining and the frogs and toads were hopping. The fishes and turtles was active in  the river. Plus the hawks was circling the river looking for an afternoon snack. It was a nice break from the busy of every day life. I was out of service range for my phone so it was a much needing break from drama and other such problems that our society put on me. Well, I am not type to talk about my problems. I just write about how I go out and take a break from them. That part of me will always be a mystery for others reading my blog. Just like the mystery of the bubbles coming from the river.  I have no idea what animal or if it is gasification (microorganism decomposing bio material into methane and carbon dioxide and other gases) causing the bubbles.

Hiking on the Pea Creek Trail was a lot better than hiking on the Buckquarter trail.  There was very little amount of people on  the Pea Creek Trail. I was able to see a lot more wildlife on the trail.  Also, it was a lot more peace.

Buckquarter Creek and Holden Mill Trail

The other day I hiked on the Buckquarter Creek and Holden Mill Trail at Eno River State Park.  There was lots of people hiking at Eno River State Park.  Some people was swimming in the river and walking their dogs. I am not please on how the state park is getting treating my visitors. If you go hiking on this trail, then you have to watch out for dog mess.   I saw butterflies on the trail but I did not like taking pictures of them because they like the dog waste.  It is a little sad that not everyone who go on trails treat the trail and park with respect. First of all, the park had no swimming area. I am not normally someone who press on the issue of not breaking the rules; however, the state park is there to project wildlife habitat. There are some state parks that allow swimming such as Jordan Lake State Park.

There are some beautiful waterfalls on this trail.  I thing I may try this trail again during the morning time or later afternoon when there is fewer people on it.

Daily hiking at Eno River Cole Mill Trail

Lately, I have been hiking daily on the Eno River State Park Cole Mill Trail. It have been helping me to relax and release some stress. I enjoyed the exercise.  Plus this time of year, the black berries are just starting to ripe. Soon I will be able to see all kind of wildlife out in the open to munch on black berries.  Lots of different types of birds and small animals enjoy black berries.



That is not the only thing to look forward to,  the turtles are basing in the sun and they are out in large numbers (and large turtles). Sometime you can see the fish from the surface of the water. You just need to know what to look for and where.  Also, every season there are some nice flowers to look forward to.


blue Flower


Hiking has been a very good thing for me.  It make me feel at peace and I have more confidence in my self. It also give me inspiration to creative beautiful artwork.  I am working on a new piece from when I went on my camping trip at Croatan National Forest.




Jordan Lake State Park (Part 1:New Hope Overlook)

Few weeks ago, I spend the whole day at Jordan Lake State Park.  I planned to be at the park all day so I packed a lunch, snacks, and water. I put everything in my rucksack. My rucksack is very important to me because it was given to me when I was in the army. I am used to be carried heavy rucksack due to my army experience.  Hiking with a rucksack is more of a challenge and it is great at increasing your endurance. I enjoy the workout that I get from it.  Plus because I am prepared for all day it make it is easier for me to commit to 5 plus miles trail.

I started the day by hiking on New Hope Overlook Trail Red.  The red trail is 5.4 miles and it is a moderate level. The trail is mark with Red and Blue hiker on the trees so you know which trail you are on.  The New Hope Overlook trail is a new trail put on my the state park.  When I first starting this hike, I meant to hike around the whole loop including red and blue trail.  However, the trail was confused so I end up hiked only the red trail. I will have to hike this trail more often to get used to it.

Otter NestThere are some places on the trail that look like beaver or otter homes.  I went on a Saturday so any water life was hard to spot because of all of the speed boats. However, beavers are normally active during the night-time.  Some of my researcher friends told me about how they stood on a beaver nest in the middle of a pond at night because they were survival frogs by their sounds.  The beavers were not too happy that they were standing on their house so they splash them and my friends left all wet.

green flowers

Since I started hiking in NC, I came across these beautiful flower that are mostly green with little white and orange on the tip of the flower. I am having a hard time figure out what tree the flower come from.  If anyone know, please tell me because I am curious to found out.

One thing that is great about hiking on Jordan Lake is that you can pay for car entrance  day pass at one recreation area and show that receipt to other recreation area in the park to enter. It was great for me because I was able to checkout many different trails in many different recreation area.

I will say this, I have more to write about this day.  I will write it in parts so this part 1.

Awesome Day!!!

Awesome Day!!!


Eno River State Park Cox Trail May 2013

Rule for Foot bridge: No jumping, No running, and No horse playing

I enjoy hiking and feeling the wind on my face as I explode the great outdoors. Eno River State Park were lots of fun because for starter I walked across a shaky bridge. I saw at least three deer. The trail that I went on at the state park is the Cox Trail. It is a 3.75 mile loop that take you across steep elevation and down by the Eno River. I saw an eastern box turtle shell, tad poles, leopard frog, and snakes. I began the hike at 8 am in the morning because there is a higher chances of seeing wildlife than in the middle of the day or at the end of the day. I enjoy hiking in the morning because it is a good way for me to start my day. I like waking up to the smells of wildflowers and fresh air. I spend a lot of time thinking while I walk so I walk at a slower pace.  It is a time that I can reflect and relax. Also, if I was to rush my time out there then I would not have seen the wildlife or took the time to smell the flowers.  I have lots of problem in my life so it is important that I slow down so I can process all my thoughts.

Plus when I am on these trails, I feel like a kid in a candy store.  I can’t help but get excited to see deer, frogs, and etc.  It is not so much I enjoy seeing them but knowing that they are there.  A sign of a health ecological system is that there is a biodiversity of species in the ecological system. Many of the trails and parks in NC are sites that were once farmland or storm-drain system converted back into a natural ecological water system.  Wildlife is hard to spot in general,  however, it is good to see sign of wildlife on a hike for that means wildlife are increasing.  I know the deer population is increasing because the other day on my way to Eno River State Park, I must had seen like twenty deer eating in someone garden near Eno River State Park.

Deer having their breakfast

I know as time go by I will get better at blogging. Right now I am having a hard time saying much about anything because I have a big day tomorrow. Also, I am going to try to see if I can blog using my mobile too or bringing a notebook with me. I think I need to write things down as they come to me instead of waiting to later.