My new Blog about Dating

Hey, guys and girls. I am not living in NC anymore. I had to move due to personal reason. However, I can’t really blog too much about the great outdoors of nc if I don’t live there anymore. I will not be posting on this for a while or maybe never. However, not all is loss. I have starting a new blog called The Fun World of Dating. It may not be hiking and all of the adventures but it is still an adventures. I may later when I found more area to hike, create a new blog. For new, please check my new blog. You may just get a kick out of it. I just posting my first post on it and there is a fun poll to it. At least, check it out for the poll, you may get a laugh out of it.
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An Autumn Day on the Haw River

I did some hiking the other day on the Haw River on Hwy 64 and on Hwy 15 501.  First I hike on Hwy 64 head trail (south). It was a beautiful Autumn day.  I got there right when the sun was coming up.  The weather that day was overcast. Than I hiked on the Haw River off of Hwy 15 501 head trail (north).

Sometime I forget how beautiful fall is because I am used to seeing it every year.  One of my friend have only been in the state for about four months and this is the first time he have seen the trees change colors.  He has been very excited about the leaves changing colors, that is all he talk about. When I was editing the pictures I took, I thought wow, he is right they are very pretty (just not so much in parking lots).  There below is all the photos I took of my hiking trip.  I had a hard time picked the best one, so I posted all of them.  Words do no justice to describe the beauty of the Autumn day.

Daily hiking at Eno River Cole Mill Trail

Lately, I have been hiking daily on the Eno River State Park Cole Mill Trail. It have been helping me to relax and release some stress. I enjoyed the exercise.  Plus this time of year, the black berries are just starting to ripe. Soon I will be able to see all kind of wildlife out in the open to munch on black berries.  Lots of different types of birds and small animals enjoy black berries.



That is not the only thing to look forward to,  the turtles are basing in the sun and they are out in large numbers (and large turtles). Sometime you can see the fish from the surface of the water. You just need to know what to look for and where.  Also, every season there are some nice flowers to look forward to.


blue Flower


Hiking has been a very good thing for me.  It make me feel at peace and I have more confidence in my self. It also give me inspiration to creative beautiful artwork.  I am working on a new piece from when I went on my camping trip at Croatan National Forest.




My Artwork

I am an artist. I created works of art.  After a few of my hiking trips, I painting some beautiful art.  I remember how I felt at that time when I took some of the pictures and painting the scene on the canvas.  I had so much fun with it, I have decide to try to introduce my artwork to the world.  I have been painting since high school.  It have been a hobby for me.  Below I have post some pictures of my artwork.  I hope  to display my artwork in galleries and cafe.  Please contact me if you have an interest in my paintings.


Title: Chaotic of Light and Dark
Media: Acrylics Paint
dimensions:  28” by 30”
Artist: Maria Hargis

Chaotic of Light and Dark was a piece I did in high school.  It was a time when I had mix emotions.  My parents divorce so it was a hard time for me. I am the oldest out of six kids so my talents was ignored by my parents.


Title: Green Flower Elf
Media: Acrylics Paint
Dimension: 8” by 10”
Artist: Maria Hargis

Green Flower Elf was a piece I did recent. I just had the wanting to paint so all I could think of was a green elf.  I had fun painting this one because I was playing around with the colors.  It remember me of Easter because every year I try to make the goldest eggs.


Title: Haw River May
Media: Acrylics Paint
Dimension: 20” by 16”
Artist: Maria Hargis

Haw River May was a piece that I did right after a hiking trip with a group of hikers. I enjoy going hiking so much that I was so excited I painting the Haw River. I remember the wind against my back as I took that picture. I love the smells of the river. It was a calming and peaceful moment that I wanting to caption it. So I put all of my emotions that I had at that time into the painting.


Title: Eno Butterfly
Media: Acrylics Paint
Dimension: 11”by 14”
Artist: Maria Hargis

Eno Butterfly is a piece when I painting a butterfly. I took a picture of a butterfly at Eno River State Park with my phone and I thought it would be cool to paint it. I love butterfly and enjoy all kinds of them. I love painting and most of the time I have a hard time expression my emotions to other; however, I am good at expression my emotion in my work of art.


Title: Forest Floor
Media: Acrylics Paint
Dimension: 8”by 10”
Artist: Maria Hargis

Forest Floor is a piece that I did after a few hiking trips. Forest Floor to me are magical because there is so much life in them. I have a deep appreciation for them because of my background in biological engineering. Scientist used microorganisms and fungus to treat hazardous material and waste in a process called bioremediation. They converted the material into something else that is not hazardous.


Title: WS Butterfly
Media: Acrylics Paint
Dimension: 14” by 6”
Artist: Maria Hargis

WS Butterfly is a piece I did after I move to NC. I had just started schooling at NC A&T State University. I was amazed on how many butterflies was around the area. I could not believe how beautiful NC was. I enjoy most of my free time outdoor and learned a lot about the wildlife and plant-life around the area.


Title: West Eno Dam
Media: Acrylics Paint
Dimension: 14” by 11”
Artist: Maria Hargis

West Eno Dam is an another piece I did after hiking. West Eno Park is one of  the public parks in Durham, NC. There was so many turtles out there ( I wish I could have taken a good picture of them and paint them). It was a gloomily day but watching the water go over the dam made up for it.

If you are interested in my artwork in your place of business, please contact me.  Or if you are interested in buying a piece or want for me to create something for you, please contact me.  Or if you like what you see, feel free to comment.  This is a learning process for me so any feedback is good.