Fall Lake hiking and Blackberry Vodka


Waiting for everyone else.

Waiting for everyone else.

I am so excellent!!! Today, I went hiking with friends at Fall Lake State Recreation Area Rolling View Trail head (part of the mountain to sea trail). It was rainy, but it was awesome! We gather in the parking lot before the entrance and begin looking for the trail.  At first the rain was light but we had our rain gear just in case.  We found the trail which is what we thought until it took us to a campground so we back track and found the right trail.

Review the map

Review the map

Throughout the trail, we saw some cool looking mushrooms and the cutest Eastern Box turtle. I did see a deer but it move so fast no one else saw it.

Half way, we pick blackberries.  Picking blackberries is not so easy for there is blood and the battle of tug o’ war with the thorns.  A few time, my hair got stuck and I got my fair share of cuts. It started raining again when we got to the blackberries and it rained heavy on the way back on the trail. It rain so hard on the way back, most of the trail was flooded.

I got all the blackberries I need for making Blackberry Vodka. Which I made today after hiking with my friends. It is pretty easy to make.  You just need blackberries, sugar, a jar, and vodka.  It takes about 4 months of fermentation and 5 months of aging. I will be moving in a week so it will make a great center piece for my breakfast bar.


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