Eno River State Park Pump Station Trail

Yesterday, I hiked the pump station trail at Eno River State Park.  It was rainy and wet everywhere. That was okay, I had a goal in mind while I hiked on the trail.  My goal was to take pictures of different mushroom to  learn how to identify them.  I can not identify them just by matching them with photos in a book.  It is very complex.  The only thing I can do is guest and identify what kind of carpophore form the mushroom are.

In the picture above are many example of different carpophore forms.  This is just the beginning of identify mushroom.  This is the easy part. The hardest part is identify mushroom with macro- and microchemical reactions, and observation by microscope. I believe it would take someone years to be able to identify while in the woods. I think that is why many people become sick from making the mistake of thinking it is edible while it is poison. Too many of the edible mushrooms look like the poison ones. Well, I don’t really care if they are edible or poison, it is just another cool thing to look out for when I am on the trails.



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