Ellerbee Creek Trail at Northgate Park

Ellerbee Creek

Back in April, I walk on the trail called Ellerbee Creek Trail.  The trailhead starts at Northgate Park and the trail ends at Durham Co. Stadium.  The trail is a pave sidewalk.  It is a trail for easy walking or running.  I saw lots of people walking their dog on the trail. However, it is a trail that does not smell very well.  So if you have a weak nose than this is not a trail for you.

2013-04-21 12.25.59

There was caterpillar everywhere on the trail because it is that time of year

2013-04-21 12.26.49

Dragonflies are just starting to coming out.

2013-04-21 12.29.02

The trail does have a nice waterway next to it.  There are some pretty waterfalls with moss growing on the rocks. They are very small so if you thing I am talking about something you can stand under, well it is more like the size of a bucket. There are some places in the creek where you can see minnows swimming against the current.

As I was walking the trail, I saw a giant dinosaur statue.  The trail pass by the Museum of Life and Science. I haven’t gone to the Museum so I know nothing about it.

Soil Horizon

Soil Horizon

I did get very excited when I saw the soil horizon. A soil horizon is where there is different layer of soil.  Normally, you can’t see it because it is below the ground.  However, in this picture you can see it because of there was a sink hole due to the erosion from the creek.  In the picture you can see four of  five horizons layers: O -Organic matter,A –Surface soil, B-Subsoil, and  C-Parent rock. The five horizon is R -bedrock which you can not see in this picture.  I can’t help to get excited about this because I learn this stuff in my engineer classes.   In most urban area you do not have this perfect define soil horizon because the soil is turn over so much the C, B, and A horizon are so mixed up.  Plus there is little O horizons because of little natural forest.  Also, most people rake up their leaves in the fall and the city collects them.

Update: I am going hiking tomorrow with some friends so my next blog may have some pictures of people.  I am really excited about what to come.


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