Update, Sorry that I have been away.

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Sorry that I have been away for so long.  The last few years I was working a job that was not kind toward their employee.  I was trying to live my life and work on my business on the side. However, that was not working for me. They end up firing be over a stupid chair.  Yes, a stupid chair because they would not fix my chair in my office and lecture me about using someone else chair.  It turn into a big  harassment from my boss and they decide to fire me because I would not let my boss talk down to me.

However, it was good news, for I took my 401K out and starting my business Maria Hargis Art.  I am now working toward my dreams of becoming a epic comic book writer.  I will be publishing my first comics series Angie’s Adventure in Oct 2019 under the brand new graphic novel and comics publishing company call Zazu Zine + Comix Publishing location in Richmond, VA.  It is the first of kind of the east coast.

Chapter 1 release date oct 2019 cover page

I have created my own website call www.mariahargis.com.  I have on it a blog, event, and product page.  I have been teaching myself graphic designs and taking my art to the next level.  In fact, many of the the hiking trips I took in NC have inspired me to paint beautiful scenery on canvas and I have taking many of the painting in make a new design using word art to create beautiful T-shirts.

Which bring me to my next point, I have re-design my Etsy shop as well.  My Etsy shop is call Maria Hargis Art.  I am using the Etsy platform right now because it have been hard trying to get traffic to my website.  I have been trying my best to try to grow my audience for my business which is really hard.

In fact, I have a YouTube Channel call Maria Hargis Art.  This is my latest video I have post on YouTube.  I give a update to my business and what inspired me to create beautiful art.

I am currently working on a curriculum for online courses. I am looking at a couple of online course platforms.  I looking into teaching others how to make comics, teaching others alternate software program from Adobe for graphic designs such as Affinity Designer.  Also, I am looking at teaching others how to make their own acrylic paints. For I am traditional artist after-all. I have been painting for more than twenty years.

Again, I am sorry for being away for so long.  Feel free to leave comment and tell me what you think.  I love to heard from you your thoughts and feeling on the matter.

Check out my Latest Painting

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I am so excited. I have submitting three of my painting to Artworks Gallery on Hull St in Richmond, VA.  I am waiting to hear today if they will be selective.  In the mean time, I thought I should update my latest painting to you all who follows me.  I am so proud of them.  And you should too because most of my art comes from my hiking trips and some are fantasy works.

Below is a link to my Deviant Art account where I update and ever have prints of my art for sell. However, I know that the art prints I have on there are not good. I am working on that. I have a friend who is good at photography and she will be helping me to take good photo of them so I can start selling good quality prints of my painting. So know I am working on it because I want for everyone to enjoy my talent, not just only the ones who can buy my work in the gallery.


One year Ago

Wow, it have been one year since I starting this blog. Back than I was just getting out of a long-term relationship and I did not even knew at that time.  I starting this blog on May 26, 2013 the day right after my 11 year anniversary with my ex husband. At the time, I was emotionally a mess dealing with the fact that I was force to live on my own for the first time in my life.  Well, yes I got marry at 19-year-old and was living with my parents when I got marry. So at the time, I look to ways to keep my spirit up and I found it in hiking and traveling around NC natural parks. It was after spending my anniversary alone without hearing a word from my ex-husband ,which at the time he lie to me, that is when I started this blog. Yes, he lie and told me the separation was for a short period of time and he wanting me to get help. Any way at the time, I was believed the words from friends and family that he still care for me. Later it became clear that those friends was siding with him, lying to me, and digging for information.  My family were believed the lie coming from my ex husband except for my father.  When I was able to talk with my father about everything, my father supported me.

So hiking was my way of refocus my attention on having fun instead of thinking about hard reality that I were facing on not being able to see my children and losing the family life I had built up for 11 years. I had to rediscover who I was away from the mother of … and wife of … It was clean at the time, I had a hard time explaining my life to others without bring up my children and ex-husband. I enjoy hiking and taking photos so much I was able put aside  the pain and hurt for a time being.  It was a nice break from reality and it give my body time to feel at peace. Due to all the hardship I was going through it cause anxiety and depression so much I could not sleep and eat. I was able to talk with a therapist and the therapist was very impressed with measure I was doing on my own to feel better.  She said I was a strong woman and most women dealing with that level of depression would have giving up and put themselves in a home.

Now it have been a year, I am over my depression and moving on with my life. The fun adventures I had with hiking in NC had help me to get to this point.  I am a lot stronger now.  I am living with my parents again but I am working and saving up so I can be independent and not have to depend on others. I love my new life. I may not have my children but I am not going to stress out about something that is out of my control.  Instead I am focus on prepared for college to get my Ph.D. and to one day work for the EPA.  I have high goals that keep me from looking down.  I have no time to look back at my past because I am moving forward.

My new Blog about Dating

Hey, guys and girls. I am not living in NC anymore. I had to move due to personal reason. However, I can’t really blog too much about the great outdoors of nc if I don’t live there anymore. I will not be posting on this for a while or maybe never. However, not all is loss. I have starting a new blog called The Fun World of Dating. It may not be hiking and all of the adventures but it is still an adventures. I may later when I found more area to hike, create a new blog. For new, please check my new blog. You may just get a kick out of it. I just posting my first post on it and there is a fun poll to it. At least, check it out for the poll, you may get a laugh out of it.
The link is below:


Print of my photos and artwork for Sale at DeviantART

Print of my photos and artwork for Sale at DeviantART

I have been working on make a name for myself as an Artist.  I am a long way to go, but hopefully this will help my way.  Here is the link to my profile on DeviantART.  I have posting photos I took on my hiking trips, latest artwork, and some fun stuff.  Please take a look at it and tell me what you think of it.  I am currently thinking about going back to school to take up graphic design so I can continue with my business as an Artist.

To me, art is fun.  I am only discover this now at age 31. I have two very strong talent: one in math (biological engineering) and the second in art (painting, drawing, etc).  I thought that the best thing for me to go in math because it would pay more; however, it have been very hard to found a job in my major.  I have not used much of my art, so now I am thinking about giving art a try. Also lately, I feel like I want to scream from the top of my lungs at the world for all of the stupids things people do. It make me want to do something.

Fall Lake Hike with Hiking Group

On Jan. 12, 2014, I went hiking with the hiking group I am apart of.  Here are some pictures from my hike that day. I love the fact that now I am using Photoshop to edit the photo.  I am able to get more blue sky in my pictures.  On such a sunny day, most of the time my photo never turn out looking like a sunny day before I edit them.